Bar La Santa Club Bogota

July 29, 2022
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party at Bar La Santa Club Bogota
© @lasantamodelia / Instagram

Bogota, Colombia

Club / Indoor Only / XXS – 0-200




Live Music


For those of you looking for stellar clubbing experiences, Bar La Santa Club is a lively nightclub famed for its Latin music and exuberant dance floor.

The buzzing hotspot is located in Modelia, west of Bogota, a rapidly growing area with restaurants, shopping centers, and nightclubs. Television screens and disco lights illuminate Bar La Santa Club. This multi-level nightclub features a mezzanine level overlooking the main dance floor with a bar.

Bar La Santa Club blasts the latest pop hits and Latin subgenres across all three floors of the venue. Boasting a rotation of stellar live performances by the most revered Bogota artists, it’s no surprise that both local and international crowds frequent the club.

If you’re eager to experience Bogota partying on a whole new level, Bar La Santa Club’s beautiful location will make it a night to remember.

© @lasantamodelia / Instagram


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