Ballroom Blitz Beirut

July 20, 2022
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party at Ballroom Blitz Beirut
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Beirut, Lebanon

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k




Local, Alternative, Underground


Ballroom Blitz has live performances, DJ sets, and workshops at its core. Spanning three different rooms, the club fosters dynamic and transformative dancefloor experiences.

The club was established in the semi-industrial neighborhood of Karantina, northeast of Beirut in 2018 by Moe Choucair, a music industry specialist. The club introduced a new concept, consisting of an outlet for musical and audiovisual production that translates into seminars and workshops. It also publishes a print and online journal, providing people with the latest music updates.

The Ballroom Blitz was designed to host some of the greatest electronic music sessions. The club also has a designated stage dedicated to band performances. Besides the list of roaring artists’ names such asSan Proper, Spencer Parker, and Coss. that perform at The Ballroom Blitz, this club gives the audience a taste of the emerging artists’ music ethos too. The club is recommended for those who love to discover amazing new talent and music. The Ballroom Blitz, therefore, attracts an off-beat crowd.

Robust programs of live gigs, peppy DJ sets, and entertaining workshops make The Ballroom Blitz stand out among the plethora of nightlife spots in Beirut.

The Ballroom Blitz: January 2020 / The Ballroom | © Ballroom Blitz Beirut / YouTube


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