Balada Tunnel Sao Paulo

July 18, 2022
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party at Balada Tunnel Sao Paulo
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop




If you’re looking for a truly entertaining night, Balada Tunnel is where you can enjoy endless live performances.

Established in 1992, this buzzing LGBT+ nightclub is one of the longest-running clubs in Sao Paulo. Balada Tunnel is located in Bixiga, central Sao Paulo, a fashionable area with Italian restaurants, trendy cafes, and the Sao Paulo Museum of Art.

The venue boasts modular spaces with three dance floors. The main room is tunnel-shaped (as the name of the nightclub suggests), with accent holes behind the stage and disco balls reflecting light across the dance floor. The other two spaces are smaller, featuring colorful streamers and an artsy, retro-vibe.
The main dance floor and stage is dedicated to electronic music, while the smaller second space mixes sertanejo and Brazilian funk, and the last plays current pop and retro-pop hits from the 80s and 90s.

The Sao Paolo nightclub is not for the behaved but for those who view clubbing as crazily impulsive and outrageously wild. Balada Tunnel nightclub prides itself in being a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome, regardless of age and sexual orientation.

Balada Tunnel forms an integral part of the neighborhood’s LGBT+ culture. Thanks to its dynamic and entertaining schedule, this buzzing nightclub promises to stimulate all of your senses and make your night exceptional.

Tunnel – uma das melhores baladas de São Paulo – night paulistana em HD | © © Rodrigo Guidotti / Youtube


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