Baia Imperiale Riccione

November 24, 2022
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party at Baia Imperiale Riccione
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Riccione, Italy

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / L – 5-20k


Latin, Electronic, Hip-Hop


International, Pool, VIP


Baia Imperiale is where you can immerse yourself in an elegant Roman-style club offering lively clubbing sessions.

The club, surrounded by greenery, is in Gabicce Mare, southeast of Riccione. First launched in 1975 as Baia Degli Angeli, the club became Baia Imperiale in 1985.

It is one of the most spectacular clubs in the world, as its structure resembles that of a Roman temple with an exterior showcasing white marble stairs, towering columns, waterfalls, paved archways, sphinxes, and Roman statues.

The elegant and upscale three-stories club, combining ancient and modern art, is adorned with thrones and centurions. Its interior boasts pillars and an area structured like the baths of ancient Rome with a modern touch.

Baia Imperiale spans five spacious rooms: Sala Senato, Sala Zodiaco, Sala delle Terme, and Terrazza dei Cesari, offering magnificent views of the coast of Gabicce. The club also has an outdoor terrace featuring an accommodating dance floor and a pool.

When it comes to music, Baia Imperiale’s speakers blast different genres. The main room is dedicated to electronic music, including techno beats. You might hear Latin, commercial, hip-hop, and ‘80s music in the club’s other rooms.

Baia Imperiale has played to national and international DJs firing up the dance floor, such as Bob Sinclar, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmokers. The club also showcases themed nights, dance shows, and eclectic entertainment.

With its eclectic music and vast spaces, the gigantic club can accommodate up to 10,000 people and is a melting pot of classy party-goers of all ages and backgrounds.

Baia Imperiale is nothing like you’ve seen, with its majestic interior, VIP services, international DJs, and fantastic entertainment.

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