Babouchka Marrakesh

July 27, 2022
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party at Babouchka Marrakesh
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Marrakesh, Morocco

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500




Upscale, Live Music


Dive into opulent Marrakesh nightlife by taking a clubbing trip down to Babouchka.

With a location close to Medina, Babouchka is a centralized nightlife extravaganza. Babouchka has a Moroccan-inspired decor with red velvet furnishings, which seems to reign supreme at this clubbing destination.

Hanging chandeliers illuminate Babouchka’s luxurious dance floor. The nightclub’s intricately detailed interior is a sight to behold.

Commercial mash-ups fire up the Marrakesh club’s dance floor as live shows take center stage on event nights. A diverse crowd of international and local high-rollers frequents the club for its undeniable allure.

If you’re craving busy dance nights in Marrakesh nightlife, Babouchka club is the place for you.

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