B 018 Beirut

July 20, 2022
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party at B 018 Beirut
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Beirut, Lebanon

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / XS – 200-500

Unique Location

Electronic, Pop


Alternative, Casual, International


B 018, which is also pronounced as B Zero Dix-Huit in French, is a legendary underground bunker nightclub that has been growing in popularity year after year.

In 1994, Lebanese musician Naji Gebran established B 018 at a warehouse in the industrial area of Sin El Fil in northeast Beirut. It was relocated to Karantina in 1998.

With a blend of techno, deep house, and 80s’ music, the club attracts a mixed and inclusive crowd of Lebanon’s youth, queer, and those with a liberal mind.

This nightclub is known for the long history that trails behind it. At times when the civil war was at its worst, B 018 was a gathering spot for those looking to escape reality and dance till dawn. It has continued to remain an important part of Lebanon’s nightlife.

B018, 20 years and still going strong. | © B018 / YouTube


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