ARCH Beirut

July 20, 2022
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party at ARCH Beirut
© archbeirut / Facebook

Beirut, Lebanon

Club / Outdoor / S – 500-2k


Electronic, Pop, R&B


Rooftop, Upscale, International


Arch is a multi-genre music haven in Lebanon’s capital.

It is located in the commercial and residential suburb of Daoura, northeast of Beirut. This rooftop club is a party hotspot that offers breathtaking views of the city from all sides.

Arch club features a variety of music genres including R&B and pop, which sets the dance floor on fire every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Arch is also known for hosting some popular Lebanese artists, which makes it one of the best venues of its kind. Maher Jah and Georges Tawil are some of the most popular artists who performed at Arch. The club attracts an eager crowd of young Lebanese clubbers.

Friendly service, a cheerful atmosphere, and energetic music without being heavy on the pocket make Arch a top favorite among the city’s nightlife spots.

Kaycee Live at Arch Beirut 2019 Part II | © KAYCEE Music / YouTube


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