Alte Kantine Berlin

June 09, 2022
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party at Alte Kantine Berlin
© @alte_kantine / Instagram

Berlin, Germany

Bar / Indoor / XXS – 0-200


Pop, Rock


Live music, Casual, Alternative


Get a taste of Berlin’s history in Alte Kantine. 

Alte Kantine lies in the heart of Kulturbrauerei – which translates to culture brewery – a former brewery centrally located in Berlin. A space for many entertainment events – from art exhibitions and cinemas to street food vendors – Kulturbrauerei is where all the action happens.

Alte Kantine is on the ground floor of one of the brewery’s buildings and has exposed brick walls and dome ceilings that give it an underground feel. It is accentuated with colorful light installations illuminating Alte Kantine.

Berlin DJs spin all sorts of music at Alte Kantine. The Berlin nightclub is a one-size-fits-all affair hosting an array of quiz nights and themed events. Alte Kantine club is a diverse and flexible space attracting all kinds of crowds that come to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

If you’re a sucker for exciting party locations, Alte Kantine awaits you.

“Alte Kantine” in Berlin 22/11/08 | © angypaty87 / YouTube


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