All About P1 Club Munich

Everything you need to know about Munich’s lavish dance club
April 29, 2022
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Party hard to the trendiest hits at P1 Club | ©

Munich, Germany

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / M – 2-5k


Electronic, Pop


Upscale, VIP


1 OP1 Club Munich is a prestigious nightclub with over 60 years of rich history.

Since its opening in 1949, P1 Club has made the old town of Altstadt-Lehel its humble home. Throughout the decades, the sprawling venue has undergone multiple transformations.

Featuring two distinct dance rooms, the nightclub lets talented DJs take over the audio mixer with everything from mainstream mash-ups to iconic dance hits.

The Munich nightclub is well-known for catering to younger audiences, so you can expect livelier crowds bumping on the dance floor.

P1 Club is famous for its opulence and is regarded as one of the high-class nightclubs in Munich. With extravagant features like six VIP areas surrounding the dance floor, two bars, and a state-of-the-art BOSE sound system, it’s no secret that the nightclub is dripping in luxury.

“The best club in Munich. Not too crowded as there is plenty of space to move around. The music is good and the staff are very attentive.”

 Stephan Müller / Google Reviews
P1 Munich – Nightclub | © Nightlife Today / Youtube

1. It is a former officers’ club founded by US forces

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© @P1.CLUB / Facebook

P1 Club was initially occupied by US forces as an officers’ club in 1949. Located in the east wing of Haus der Kunst, this was where P1 Club got its name from.

The visitors of the officers’ club had a difficult time pronouncing the address, which was Prinzregentenstraße 1. Soon enough, they’d simply refer to the club as “P-One.”

Throughout the years, the place has gone through multiple changes. It was turned into a restaurant in 1956, another studio restaurant in 1960, and a New Wave club in the 1980s.

Soon enough, P1 Club founder Michael Käferacquired the venue in 1984 and eventually transformed it into the posh venue we know today.

2. The nightclub underwent multiple renovations

P1 Club has gone through numerous facelifts. In 1993, the nightclub moved to a bigger area before its expansion in 2002. The following year, the nightclub rebranded itself as a P1 Lounge & Club, with a completely new design by Matteo Thun.

Another major refurbishment occurred in 2009, and P1 Club reopened in 2010 with a completely new layout. Today, the club has several upgrades like a 3D sound system, a terrace, and a Salon lounge.

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© @P1.CLUB / Facebook

3. Iconic Hollywood stars frequented the nightclub

Mick Jagger was a P1 Club regular | © @mickjagger / Instagram

P1 Munich earned a notable reputation as a playground of Hollywood celebrities.

Stars like pop diva Whitney Houston, Academy Award-winning director Woody Allen, and actor Robert De Niro have graced P1 Club with their presence back in the ‘80s.

The nightclub has also witnessed peculiar celebrity incidents in the past. Mick Jagger, the The Rolling Stones vocalist, was a club regular and was reported to have girls line up in rows for him.

And because of the nightclub’s exclusivity, it’s not a secret that bouncers often reject even the most prominent guests, like The Scorpions. When The Scorpions tried to enter the nightclub, saying, “But we are the Scorpions,” – to which the bouncer simply answered, “Exactly”.

4. P1 Club was inspired by the glamorous Studio 54

Taking inspiration from the iconic Studio 54 of New York City, P1 Club ventured to incorporate all things glamorous.

Clubbers can find six VIP areas and two bars adjacent to the dance floor. Complete with the latest technology, the nightclub pulls  out all the stops with their BOSE sound system and light strips. With the custom light-to-sound system, it elevates the club’s overall atmosphere.

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VIP areas and bars surround the dance floor | © @P1.CLUB / Facebook

5. You can chill at the nightclub’s Studio

After its renovation in 2020, P1 Club Munich introduced the Studio to the public.

Designed in Art Deco aesthetics, this room serves as both a club and a bar – perfect for anybody hunting those feel-good vibes. 

Don’t miss out on its chain carousel swings and the entrance’s “hello” sign, just some of the Studio’s Instagrammable features.

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Unwind at the half-club half-bar Studio | ©

6. Celebrity DJs graced the nightclub’s booth

Throughout its existence , P1 Club has continued  to have celebrities rock the nightclub. Over the years, the venue has witnessed a star-studded DJ lineup, featuring the Grammy-nominated Steve Aoki and DJ Mag’s “best DJ of the last 20 years”, Tiësto.

Steve Aoki – P1 Club München -11.06.2011 | © Helmut Sokopp / YouTube

7. Dance to different tunes

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A glimpse into P1 Club’s Saturday club nights | ©

You can expect different kinds of music on certain nights. Wednesdate  is an event dedicated to getting rid of the mid-week blues with hip-hop sounds and viral tunes.

Partygoers can also look forward to Discoteca, an after-work club session that boosts your spirits with happy sounds and classic hits. Or you can up the ante with the venue’s Friday and Saturday nights, delivering house, hip-hop, and electro.

Full of glitz and glam, and a fascinating history to boot, P1 Club is where you want to go for a fun night out in Munich.


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