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January 11, 2023
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Miami, United States

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop




E11EVEN Miami is an illustrious club that gained global recognition as the premier spot to party.

In 2014, Dennis DeGori’s 11USA Group welcomed E11EVEN Miami to the vibrant South Florida nightlife scene and set a new standard for clubbing excellence. Situated in downtown Miami, this remarkable hotspot is just a stone’s throw away from the city’s waterfront views.

The alluring E11EVEN Miami resides inside a chic white structure with interconnecting shapes and an opulent dome crowning the entrance.

Step through the doors to find lush carpets, premium leather couches, and a boundless dance floor ready for your every move.

A-list celebrities such as Drake, Usher, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, and Wiz Khalifa graced the stages.

But it’s not just the artists who are famous; guests like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Dwyane Wade, and Vin Diesel have all been spotted here.

Being home to some of the most stunning acrobats, contortionists, aerial dancers, and exotic performers, E11EVEN’s entertainment is top-notch. Its advanced lighting and sound systems create an unparalleled atmosphere that never fails to amaze clubbers from all corners of the world.

E11EVEN Miami stands out for its VIP treatment, high-end customers, and live shows by world-famous celebrities – making it an unmissable spot to be if you’re searching for a memorable clubbing experience.

Here is everything you need to know about E11EVEN Miami.  

E11EVEN was meant to be the ultimate Miami clubbing experience

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E11EVEN Miami’s owner Dennis DeGori had always dreamt about meshing clubbing culture with Cirque du Soleil’s eye-popping theatrics. 

With three decades of nightlife experience in metropolises like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, he took the sunny Miami under his wing in 2014, when he opened the doors of the city’s first immersive clubbing experience – E11EVEN. 

Striking the perfect balance between the hedonistic vibrancy of an after-hours club venue and a burlesque show’s sultry zest was no easy feat, but E11EVEN Miami cracked the code from the get-go. 

E11EVEN was Florida’s first and only 24/7 club

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While the 24/7 clubbing concept has been a leitmotif in Europe’s nightlife scene for decades, it is a relatively new concept for the American Dream. 

E11EVEN Miami came around to show that Americans can also pull off wild and endless parties.

As the trailblazer for US’s non-stop clubbing approach, E11EVEN was the first and only 24-hour nightclub in Florida.

The venue morphs and changes throughout the day

The main perk of a clubbing session where the DJ drops his last tune at lunchtime instead of witching hour is the constant vibe changing. At the end of the day, one can’t pull off so many clubbing hours in the same room, on the same beats, and watching the same lighting show. It gets stodgy.

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Part of what makes E11EVEN one of Miami’s most coveted music temples is how it transforms and adapts throughout the clubbing session. Depending on the time you arrive and where you are in the club, you’ll witness a completely different nightlife adventure. 

From aerial shows and rubbing shoulders with A-list celebs to lounge-drinking and dance performances, E11EVEN has them all covered for you. 

Major-league industry names have taken to E11EVEN’s stage

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As one of the most popular clubs in Miami, E11EVEN has brought many of the music industry’s biggest names to its stage – multiple times. 

Canadian rapper Drake performed over seven times since the club opened – he even brought Lil Wayne on stage with him. Other music titans such as Zedd, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Halsey, and Future, have all graced E11EVEN with their performances.

E11EVEN Miami has a 360 approach when it comes to music

With its generous event schedule, it would have been impossible for the Miami club to stay loyal to one music genre. Whatever your playlist sounds like, E11EVEN probably blasted it through its sound system. 

From hip-hop and rap to commercial hits and EDM beats, E11EVEN prides itself with a masterfully-curated musical anthem. 

There’s a reason the club is called E11EVEN

The name E11EVEN wasn’t made up on the spot – it plays into the vision Degori had for the partying pit. In an interview with Men’s Journal, the nightlife mogul disclosed that E11EVEN was a concept that he had been envisioning for decades.

After spending decades in the clubbing scene, gaining experience in the hospitality sector, Degori was ready to make his move.

“The name E11VEN is about an experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I looked to create something that was more unique than anywhere else, so on a scale of 1-10, I wanted to be E11EVEN.”

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E11EVEN Miami is all about up-close-and-personal performances

With its 360 approach to nightlife experiences, E11EVEN masterfully embodies a showclub, a nightclub and an after-hours venue. 

If there’s anything that overlaps these venues, it’s the variety of live performances and stage shows.

Part of the club’s allure is its up-close-and-personal concept, which features everything from burlesque performances to Cirque du Soleil-like productions.

Elaborate costumes, flabbergasting choreography, professional aerialists and contortionists are all part of the package. FYI, they have only one mission – to convert E11EVEN’s DNA into an off-the-wall clubbing experience. 

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Usher was the first A-list performer to entertain the crowds

But E11EVEN hadn’t always been a hotbed for A-list celebs. In its early days, the Miami club steered clear of booking A-list industry names. 

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Operating partner Gino Lopinto recalls how the club’s management put building a brand above the booking talent duty. 

For 11 months, the club ran shows without any artists. It wasn’t until their first NYE party that they finally decided to pick up the phone and book Usher. 

The club has one of the world’s best sound systems

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It is only natural for a nightlife venue that befits the ‘superclub’ term to be at the forefront of everything it does – from sound and lighting to production and shows.

E11EVEN partnered with DAS Audio to create a sound system with two goals in mind – better vocals and cleaner frequencies.

E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio was born and the rest is history. Superior sound, a fresh sensory experience and bullet-hard beats found shelter within E11EVEN’s walls. 

E11EVEN is an award-winning nightclub

With its 24/7 five-star service, nightlife entertainment and immersive approach to clubbing, E11EVEN Miami is no stranger to bagging awards. The nightclub’s unparalleled concept reared its head in many nightlife awards competitions. 

From landing on the Best New Concept award to being listed in DJ Mag’s Top 10 Nightclubs in America, E11EVEN seems like the ultimate crowd-pleaser. 

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