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January 12, 2023
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Athens, Greece

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Dybbuk Athens is the epicenter of the electronic music world, where all things related to this genre come together.

When the club opened in the vibrant Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens back in 2009, it instantly became a place for an electrifying evening out. Its energy has now become renowned far and wide for its lively atmosphere.

Featuring an intimate space, Dybbuk is a captivating union of alluring mystery and a party atmosphere. With its industrial design, the New York-style club has a chic, underground charm that will take your breath away.

Featuring an eclectic collection of songs, this venue is a favorite among the partygoers, providing countless opportunities for dancing and partying all night long.

Dybbuk’s repertoire of music is extensive, featuring styles ranging from stimulating house beats to electric tribal tunes.

It comes as no surprise that this club bursts with energy and attracts a vibrant crowd of individuals from all walks of life.

This revolutionary Dance Theater is like no other, offering an incomparable experience to every thrill-seeker who steps through its doors.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dybbuk Athens.

George Dexx @ Dybbuk (Athens) winter season 2017-18 | © George Dexx / YouTube

The nightclub shaped the city’s electronic sound

Since 2009, Dybbuk has been regarded as a must-visit venue in the city of Athens.

While it is a more intimate nightclub due to its small size, Dybbuk’s music ambassador CJ Jeff takes pride in how the nightclub is able to deliver cozy and unforgettable clubbing sessions to its guests.

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Known as one of the music heroes who shaped the country’s electronic anthem, CJ Jeff was one of Dybbuk’s first resident DJs.

In an interview from 2019, the artist said that his Thursday Night residency at the nightclub made him feel like Dybbuk was his “home base.”

Dybbuk Athens has made the cosmopolitan Kolonaki area its home

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Kolonaki is a neighbourhood with a vibrant nightlife scene – not to mention that its upscale vibe is a plus.

Brimming with stores, shops, and fine dining restaurants, the Kolonaki area is a hub for everything ritzy and rich.

If you are more into clubbing than shopping, you’ll need to explore the narrow alleyways to discover pubs, bars, and nightclubs like Dybbuk.

It is home to eclectic house and techno sets

What put Dybbuk at the top of the Athenian nightlife hierarchy is its affinity for bullet-hard house and techno music. Partygoers have recommended the nightclub as a well-decorated venue that’s specially tailored for house music aficionados.

Besides house music, you can also expect a music repertoire consisting of its other siblings – techno, electric and tribal beats – pumping through the speakers.

Dybbuk is one of the few clubs in Athens that doesn’t play Greek music – if you are looking for folk, this might not be the place for you.

One of dance’s music legends took over Dybbuk’s audio mixer

Back in 2017, Timmy Regisford, the living legend of dance music and one of the pioneers of soulful dance music, has made his presence in Dybbuk’s DJ booth for the first time.

As one of the few producers who are trusted enough to remix hits from major artists like Prince and Stevie Wonder, he definitely delivered an ineffable music experience to the crowds. 

The mighty Timmy Regisford | © @dybbukathens / Facebook

Also known as the founder of the NYC’s Shelter parties, Timmy Regisford has been the face of house music since the early 90s.

Throughout the last decade, the legend has played several sets in the ultimate Greek clubbing destination – Mykonos.

Dybbuk hosted both local and internationally-acclaimed DJs

The nightclub has garnered a roaring reputation thanks to its lineup of local and international DJs. An example would be notable DJ Kat James, who brought energetic house beats to Athens’ Dybbuk.

Well-known for his impressive musical tastes and various skills when it comes to mixing and producing tunes, James delivered an unforgettable night to everyone who hit the dance floor that night.

Local Greek producer DJ CJ Jeff also brought good vibes to the nightclub. Playing music from as early as 19 years old, his unique brand of house music is influenced by progressive rock artists like Pink Floyd and Massive Attack.

A funny incident happened to DJ Nic Fanciulli at Dybbuk

© @nicfanciulli / Instagram

Dybbuk has seen memorable nights, and this funny incident with DJ Nic Fanciulli is truly something.

Local media reported that back in 2020, a girl went up to the booth and thought Fanciulli was the bartender. Nic bent over the mixer to and burst into laughter when the clubber kept asking for drinks.

In the end, the nightclub treated her to drinks in exchange for the hilarious moment she delivered.

The nightclub is spicing up its game with upcoming Greek producers

The Athens nightclub has always been about uplifting the party scene – and it’s not always about hosting famous DJs. At Dybbuk, one of the priorities is to introduce emerging Greek musicians and producers to the public.

Rookie DJs are part of Dybbuk’s music community | © @dybbukathens / Facebook

While it was a huge risk for Dybbuk, the nightclub strongly believed in shedding more light on these local talents.

Dybbuk Athens fought during a time when clubs were forced to close

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When nightclubs in Athens started to close due to the pandemic, Dybbuk continued to persevere by using music as their guide. At the end of the day, Dybbuk is all about offering the best clubbing atmosphere.

With an impressive lineup of house-techno DJs from all corners of Athens and the world, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to dance in Dybbuk.


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