Alcatraz Lloret de Mar

August 11, 2022
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party at Alcatraz Lloret de Mar
© @alcatrazlloret / Facebook

Lloret de Mar, Spain

Club / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k




Students, Casual, International


Alcatraz is a wild Lloret de Mar nightclub with a – truly – odd concept.

The central club is in Lloret de Mar’s entertainment district and is spacious with a modern interior. Staying true to its name, the nightclub has jail cells adding an air of quirkiness.

The main sound at Alcatraz is EDM, and it also often hosts themed nights with go-go dancers to jazz up its parties.

The Lloret de Mar nightlife destination has become a gathering place for ravers. From locals to tourists, Alcatraz invites club-hoppers eager to dance to upbeat sounds.

With a unique take on partying and rollicking dance floor, Alcatraz is where Lloret de Mar partiers meet to dance till sunrise.

© @alcatrazlloret / Facebook


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