21 Social Belfast

June 29, 2022
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party at 21 Social Belfast
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Belfast, United Kingdom

Club / Indoor & Outdoor/ XS – 200-500




Live Music, VIP


21 Social is Belfast’s contemporary club to soak in chill vibes.

Located in the corners of the nightlife hub of Cathedral Quarter, northern Belfast, 21 Social is in the city’s modern Potthouse building. The club’s exterior is straightforward, sporting Heineken’s logo everywhere. Inside, the club is exquisite and sophisticated, featuring marble tables, wooden floors, and well-lit rooms.

21 Social is host to Belfast’s curated selection of 80s pop guilty pleasures with live music downstairs, which has successfully attracted a massive young audience within the area. 

Visit 21 Social and enjoy the nightclub’s contemporary and friendly atmosphere. With three floors, you and your friends can explore freely as you vibe to the music. 

© @21Social / Facebook


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